Drinking Water From Your Sink is Safer Than Bottled Water Essay

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"Perrier got rich off the pretensions of small minded people who thought it set them apart from the unwashed masses. They ordered it in restaurants for the same reason they read books they don't like and go to operas they don't understand. They say to the waiter, "Perrier," to give a continental touch to their spaghetti dinner with all you can eat breadsticks." -- Harrison Ford --

The advertising of bottled water companies often implies that tap water is impure. Is your tap water safe to drink? Some people think that water straight from the faucet could contain chemicals that cause illness and even cancer, but it doesn't. Pesticides and other chemicals do not contaminate drinking water.

The Safe Drinking Water Act was passed by …show more content…

The Comprehensive State Groundwater Protection Program is another action taken by the EPA to insure safe drinking water. This program implements groundwater protection goals and standards set by the EPA. The main goal of the program is to achieve a more efficient approach to protecting groundwater resources from contamination. State government is in charge of this program, and many of the state water regulations are more strict than federal regulations.

Many people argue that the standards of this program should be tightened to remove more contaminants from water. What most of these people don't realize is that some of the contaminants, lead for example, enter the water after it has already been treated. This is a problem that local water treatment officials have to deal with. Changing Federal drinking water standards won't reduce contamination from lead pipes leading to homes.

Water program funding has increased 47 percent since 1990. Also, since 1984, there has been an explosion in drinking water technology. There are now more sophisticated ways of testing, controlling, and treating the drinking water. Today, these new methods have created a water system with the ability to efficiently deliver 40 million gallons of safe drinking water to our homes every day (Tolman 59).

Even with the new water technology, people argue that the water is still unsafe. In 1993, a Southern California water

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