Driver Fatigue Research Paper

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Driver fatigue is a common occurrence for those who are driving long distances or driving at times of the day or night when they should naturally be sleeping. Becoming overtired when behind the wheel is dangerous and unfortunately highly common in a time where daily activities continue to move along, despite our need to rest. 1 in 4 people have reported having microsleeps while driving. A microsleep is a brief moment of loss of attention that results in a blank stare or prolonged eye closure when someone is extremely tired. This can happen very easily on the road when someone is driving. The cost and damage of driver fatigue is avoidable, but unfortunately occurs regularly. Falling asleep at the wheel or not concentrating while driving due to tiredness can result in road accidents with other cars or objects and even death.…show more content…
These signs are drowsiness, blurred vision, nodding off, drooping eyes, yawning and drifting in and out of road lanes. If you experience any of these while driving, it is imperative that you immediately stop for a break of either stretching your legs or drinking an energy
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