Drivers Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Toot Car Horns Unless It’s a Case of Emergency

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Introduction of Tooting
The online Oxford Dictionaries describes a toot as a terse, shrill clank that emanates from a horn of a car. The fact that it is short and sharp shows that it is the kind of noise that would be produced suddenly especially in reaction to shock or in case of an emergency. On the contrary, many drivers are accustomed to tooting the first chance they get, an act that has watered down the original purpose for which tooting is required. Tooting is detractive and creates pollution and should be discouraged unless in cases of crises.
Distraction of Tooting Drivers
As a distractive force, every time a driver toots, everyone in the vicinity will automatically jolt up to see what is going on, irrespective of whether one is …show more content…

This has created grounds for law-suits against disturbance in many areas.
In fact, many neighbors have turned against each other while their neighborhoods turned to battle grounds because of inconsiderate tooting neighbors who care less about the wellbeing of the rest of the community. In one of his blogs, Khan Sachu describes the deterioration of personal and thereby societal virtue of courtesy in many neighborhoods in England. Instead of ringing the doorbell or simply calling beforehand to announce of one’s arrival, many drivers choose to honk loudly and disturb the whole building’s residents, an aspect which creates resentment among neighbors (Sachu 1).
Furthermore, honking of car horns is tainted to raise stress levels among drivers and the other parties using the same road. Impatient drivers will honk at utterly everything and in most cases, be met with honks from the other drivers which often degenerate into tooting matches - very chaotic honking competitions among drivers on the same road. Subsequently other road users or residents around the road bear the highest brunt of these noises and with continued agitation, tend to suffer from stress-related complications (Kumar 42).

Sound Pollution from Tooting
Economist Peter Drucker, notes tooting as one of the major sound pollution agent in many cities around the world. According to him, more than factories, car honking contributes to up to more than 80% of noise in cities while third of all traffic turn accidents

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