Driving And Driving

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Every day, millions of people get into their cars and drive – whether to work, school, etc. Every day, millions of people get into their cars and pick up their cell phones. This is the reason why the work done by David Strayer and William Johnston should be of interest to everyone – not only the people who are studying it intensely. This theoretical issue of being a distracted driver is something that affects everyone. The act of using your cell phone and driving affects individuals who partake in the act and those who are on the road with other people who are doing it. Strayer and Johnston are researchers who have dedicated their time to finding an understanding of how talking on cell phones affects our attention while driving. Specifically, they conducted their research through two separate experiments. Their overarching hypothesis states that the use of a cell phone while driving diverts one’s attention from the road and their ability to drive with their full attention. Within the first experiment performed by Strayer and Johnston, their focus lay on the difference between speaking on a handheld device versus a hands-free device while driving. Previous research had data which demonstrated there was no significant difference between driving and using a handheld device versus using a hands-free device. Strayer and Johnston continued off this prior research through their own experiment. This experiment involved the participants using a joystick to stimulate driving.

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