Drones Bad

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Drones are widely discussed if there good or bad for the environment around them or if
In one way arguments are saying they could say that drones are peaceful and they help spot dangers with their camera and that they could help spot terrorist attacks earlier. But in the other argument, they say that they could say drones are a danger up high to pilots and that they can be used to spy on people. But this is why drones are bad for society and that they can be used for a lot of scary stuff that can be used against you.
One reason why People need to get rid of drones is that they can spy on people. They can be used to spy on borders and they will think that People are spying on them because People don’t trust them. drones can make people …show more content…

It can also be a possibility if a person gets something bad inside of your body or an infection in your skin. They can also confuse or crash into pilots and if it’s a passenger plane it can kill a lot of people and it’s more likely because other countries have them. Another reason that people need to get rid of drones is because they can be used for terrorist attacks. They could attach something to the drone so it can be used to attack us harshly and people wouldn’t even see it coming. They can be used really harshly against us and it could eventually start the third war and it can be more dangerous because of all the technologically and because of small drones. Drones are hard to see so that’s why it can be dangerous for all countries and can lead to fewer allies for United states because people could also use it or they can become more week.
Drones could be used to stop terrorist attacks and they could spy on killers and where terrorist camps are. They could be used for spotting fires while they are starting or getting bigger and more spread

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