Dropbox Strategy & Recommendations

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Strategy & Recommendations

Dropbox is a web storage services that can share files and synchronize them between different PCs. Dropbox provides you with a free 2GB storage capacity, and users can go up to 5GB at most through inviting others to use this service (256mb for every friend who installs dropbox). Users can get 50 GB for a $ 100 annual subscription and 100 GB for $ 200 annual subscription. One of the most important features in Dropbox is that it can synchronize your folders. After installing Dropbox software, it will create a folder named Dropbox on the user’s PC where every file afterwards stored can be synchronized. Moreover; Dropbox can synchronize your MSN chat content and this can be achieved between the different
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So they decided that this is going to be their next step. 4. Encourage Word-of-Mouth: (3)
Eventhough people were already talking about Dropbox but the company started a new referral program offering customers certain incentives when recommending the application to customers. The latter change’s effect was huge and increased users by 60%. Moreover Dropbox made some changes to the product, which made it possible and easier for users to share folders on Dropbox allowing one folder to be shared with multiple users at the same time by inviting others to access the desired folder.

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5. Understand What Is Working: (3)
Having enough feedback from customers was crucial but the key to Dropbox was to properly analyze these data collected. Therefore they have prioritized analytics within the company in order to use these date to understand what is going and what is needed to be done to make the proper marketing and development investments.
To end with the Dropbox e-marketing strategy, it is worth mentioning that Dropbox knew that users find value in incremental free storage for their accounts. Dropbox also knew that eventhough
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