Drug Abuse Research Paper

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Drug abuse is a big problem and there are solutions, but everyone has to work together to achieve them. A possible solution might be to educate the different groups of drug users about the effects of drug abuse. Another is to place a higher priority on eliminating the source of the drug problem, such as the more popular known drugs like marijuana, cocaine, tobacco, nicotine and the others. Keeping the next generation from even starting drug abuse will completely eliminate the problem, but achieving that level of abstinence would be impossible. drug abuse will always be a problem, but there can be remedies: educating people about drugs, eliminate drugs at the source, and having preventative programs in place to keep youth from trying drugs. Surprisingly, one of the top health problems facing teenagers is drug abuse. It is a common danger facing teens of all ages (CASA, 2011). Nearly 50% of teens use some sort of drug (Teen Rehab, 2016, Para. 2). Alcohol tops the list at 58.2 % while marijuana is next at 34.9% and Hookah at 19.8% (NIDA, 2015, p.1). drug abuse happens when an individual abuses drugs or drugs that were not intended to be inhaled or ingested into the human body to induce a high. Many overdose on over-the-counter drugs, or by stealing others prescription drugs. Nearly 40% of drug abusing teens start off with their parent’s prescription drugs (Addiction Center, 2016, p.1). They can use common drugs like gasoline, paint thinner, nail polish remover, cleaning

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