Essay about Drug Abuse and Crime

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Drug Abuse & Crime
When I was brainstorming about my term paper topic I came up with an interesting topic which is Drug Abuse & Crime. I thought it was imperative to learn about how drug abuse affects the crime rates in America. I will be discussing other subjects such as how many criminals are actually under the influence of a drug when committing a crime including illicit and licit drugs. Additionally, I will be discussing what drugs the criminals were under the influence of and the statistics surrounding drug abuse and crime and what programs are available to help with the problem. I think I have selected a broad and informational topic that we must be concerned about.
Although, the concern about drug abuse and crime rates is nothing
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Therefore, I began researching this question and came across some valuable facts and information. I concurred from (Crime and Alcohol, 2011), that about 3 million violent crimes occur each year in which victims perceive the offender to have been drinking at the time of the offense. Among those victims who provided information about the offender's use of alcohol, about 35 percent of the victimizations involved an offender who had been drinking. According to, (The National Center for Victims of Crime, 2011) drug users are more likely than nonusers to commit crimes.
Now that we know how alcohol contributes to crime in America it is only appropriate to discuss how cocaine, heroin, and crack contribute to the crime rates in America. As we all have learned from our studies in class when an individual is under the influence of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and crack people often suffer from many symptoms such as pharmacological effects, cardiovascular effects, and central nervous system effects (cited in, Hanson 2009, p. 269-270). One statement about the link between cocaine and crime has really astounded me and contributes to my concerns about drug abuse and crime. The author of the article (Cocaine Abuse and Addiction, Crime, Freebasing, Crack Cocaine, 2011), has stated that the problem with cocaine and crime is so bad that he declares cocaine and street crime have become soul mates. People are under the influence of such drugs commit

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