Drug Addicted Offenders In Prisons

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Drug addicted offenders benefit more by serving time in a prison substance abuse program rather than early release alternative sentencing treatment arrangements that return chemically dependent lawbreakers back to the streets increasing crime and wasting taxpayers money. Imagine if you can, being a drug addicted heroin addict. You have just been arrested and will go not go to court until the next morning. Only a few hours have passed since you’ve been in custody and you are already nauseous, have diarrhea, cramping, uncontrollable shaking, chills and a runny nose. Your mind is racing and you are extremely irritable and agitated. There is nothing you can do to help your pain as long as you are locked up in jail. The horrible symptoms of withdrawal are only going to get worse.
According to a Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff I spoke to today, those being detained are not offered any form of medical treatment that would alleviate or relieve drug induced withdrawal symptoms. The inmate is on his or her own. Cold Turkey is a term often used for this type of sudden and abrupt withdrawal which in some cases leads to death.
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The inmate hears the deputy call out his name. A cell door opens and he is asked to step forward where he is shackled at the wrist chains in preparation of being taken to court. The holding cell that the inmates wait in before going to court offer no comfort, are hard and cold. One toilet for all and sometimes an entire agonizing day will go by before your name gets called. Finally, the defendant's court appointed attorney shows up and speaks through the bars. A deal has been offered. If you plead guilty today and agree to participate in a drug treatment program you can go home. Home! Back to the streets. Drugs abundant and everywhere. Drugs being the only thing the addict wants. Cravings that can not be
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