Drug Addiction And Alcohol And Compulsive Gambling

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1. Introduction
Sexual addiction has become rapidly recognized as a significant social problem with similarities better recognized to drug addiction and alcohol or compulsive gambling. sexual addicts refers to individuals who engage in persistent, as well as, escalating patterns of sexual behaviour acted out regardless of the increasingly negative impact to the self and others. To begin with copulation or coitus, sexual intercourse is the physical union between a man and woman, for reproduction, sexual pleasure or both. The act involves a high level of physical intimacy and contributes immensely to human bonding. This is because, sex is associated with emotional and physical pleasure therefore creating a connection between the people involved. However, some people tend to overdo the act of sex to a point that they become dependent on it leading to a sexual addiction. This paper aims at discussing sexual addiction, its causes, effects and characteristics.
II. Literature review
According to Carnes (15) sexual addiction is a clinical condition referred to in the medical spheres as “progressive intimacy disorder.” The addiction involves spending long periods preoccupied with sexual thoughts and behaviors all geared towards achieving a desired sexual effect. In the United States alone, more than thirty million people are in the category of those who suffer from the condition.
Sexual addicts have been thought to…

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