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Have you ever been addicted to drugs? “There are about 18 million adults are addicted to alcohol.”(Teens, and self-injury: Causes, Signs, and Prevention Web MD) Those people needs to drink alcohol in order to function normally. It is a problem because drugs can cause heart diseases. Heart disease is extremely dangerous, and can cause heart attack, which is able to cause death. Although people takes drugs in order to feel pleasant. However drug is able to put one in abominable conditions such as capturing heart diseases. In the 11th Century, alcohol was not used, as medications. Alcohol started being used as medication in the 1100s. People eventually take too much drugs to feel pleasant and becomes addicted to it. Many have tried to …show more content…

If a woman is pregnant and uses drugs, and the baby becomes affected. She might get arrested, and sentenced to prison. The baby along with the mother can become contaminated with diseases such as leukemia. Therefore Pregnant should not take the risk of drinking alcohol because it is not safe. One can solve the smoking problems by informing Doctors about diseases that one has been receiving from taking drugs. Doctor will able to provide them medication that will cure them from diseases caused by drugs.,States ”Doctors around the U.S have prescribe medications such as Chantix, Zyban, and Sugar pills to drug addict patients.” Family members such as mother, and father will tell be able to help them by explaining dangerous that are in taking drugs, therefore they need to stop taking drugs. Friends who have quit taking drugs about the problem, and they would indeed help someone who is addicted to drugs. E. Michale Robie has created a program called, “The Rock.” This program is here to help intoxicated people who are extremely addicted to drugs by giving them jobs to rehab farms in the country. This program has been successful in the past two years. The government has find this program to be created because plenty of homeless intoxicated people have changed their way of living for the better. Experienced friends who have been addicted to drugs will explain to you how they quit. Therefore you may follow the

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