Drugs And Its Effects On Society

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Drugs are as defined by the dictionary as a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body this means that everything from coffee to alcohol can be considered a drug. Drugs have been made and used by people since 5000 B.C by the Sumerians. They have had both a positive and negative impact on society, they can help us get over a sickness within a couple of days, however drugs have also been used as a way to get high. Using drugs, no matter if they are illegal or not can have leave you becoming addicted to them, the way this happens is that some drugs can activate nerve cells in your brain, causing the neurons to send abnormal messages throughout the brain drugs can also cause your brain to release too much of the chemical known as dopamine which have a part in controlling motor control, hormone levels, and even the reward system of the brain. The reward system in the brain is one of the reasons that stoping drugs can a hard task, this system deals with reinforcers that make it more likely a certain behavior will repeat itself. Taking addictive drugs for a prolonged time can have many different psychological effects such as depression, anxiety, and paranoia. Prescription drugs are drugs that legally require a medical prescription to be sold unlike other drugs.
Drugs disrupt neurotransmission which is the process where information enters the brain as electric signals while in the brain cells the information is
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