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Drugstore Museum Response Paper Drugstore Museum Response Paper The website provides insight into the treatment of Jewish pharmacists while the Nazi party ran Germany. Jewish pharmacists were just as qualified as non-Jews, and many of them owned their businesses outright. Nevertheless, because they were Jews and the Nazis were heavily concerned with eradicated and tormenting the Jews, Jewish pharmacists suffered as well. The specific time period that the article is concerned with is the mid 1930s in Germany. Apparently the Nazi influence and propaganda regarding Jewish pharmacies was negligible until Adolf Hitler came into power. When he came to power, he made it very clear that Jewish apothecaries would be treated with extreme prejudice. Some pharmacy owners preemptively sold their businesses and went elsewhere so as to avoid the impending torment by the Nazis under Hitler. Certainly there is a great deal of documentation and awareness regarding the lengths to which Hitler went to exert his control and influence over integral facets of society and culture. The mistreatment of Jewish pharmacists specifically, is likely to be a little known facet of the mistreatment the Jews experienced in Europe during the Nazi reign. This information just goes to show how thorough and meticulous Hitler was with regard to control. He exerted control over the media, over education, and over drugs, as well as who was permitted to disperse them. There was a substantial community of

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