The Holocaust Essay

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The Holocaust is debatably one of the most tragic events in history to ever occur. Adolf Hitler, the leader of this most devastating affair, was so opposed to people different than him, that he caused the mass murder of countless Jews, gypsies, Blacks, Check Slovakians and other unique kids of people. The Holocaust, which lasted from around 1941 to 1945, caused much response from the countries directly affected and other countries around the world.
Germany was in a horrible economic state after terribly losing World War One, and they needed to find a way to totally reconstruct their entire economy, and Hitler fit the bill. With his phenomenal speaking skills, Hitler was unable to ignore. He spoke with great confidence,
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This devious, but extremely well thought out plan was the beginning of the mass murder of a culture.
Hitler had convinced much of the German race that the Jews, as a whole, were trying to contaminate German blood, and sadly many people believed him. This did not end well for the Jews. Jews had to wear a bright, large, yellow Star of David on their shirt sleeves so that they could be recognized and avoided from afar. Many Jews tried to flee from Germany, but were not able to due to their poor financial state. Jews that still lived in Germany were hated, spit on, beaten, rejected, and denied of service, and many other things, not only from German citizens, but also Hitler’s evil Gestapo agents. For example, many German citizens would bombard Jewish shops and stores with bats, and vandalize their stores. Jews were starting to realize their horrible fate.
Hitler persuaded the German race a little bit more everyday that the Jews were responsible for all of Germany’s failures. Hitler began to establish groups for young children that taught them how to report any un-German behavior. This caused many young children to turn against their own families, neighbors, and friends to ensure a Jewish free race. Anyone reported as being Jewish or helping a Jewish person was sent to concentration camps.
Life in concentration camps was, in a word, horrible. The schedule for a prisoner included working for around twelve hours a day in horrible conditions, then going back
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