Dsm-5 Reflection

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Earlier this year we talked a lot in class about reasons why people disapprove of the DSM-5 changes. One of the things I remember is how some people feel like the characteristics of certain disorders are overly broad and too inclusive. While thinking of sadness and clinical depression, this idea popped into my head. Normal sadness is something that everyone has. God meant for there to be different seasons in our lives where we are happy or sad. I believe that normal sadness makes you appreciate normal happiness much more. Sadness associated with clinical depression is crippling. It traps you in darkness and despair. It has a marked effect on your everyday life. I described to my parents a while ago that depression is like “regular sadness on steroids.” It does bother me when people don’t…show more content…
I do not believe that we are only biological beings. Obviously, biology is a major part of who we are. But as we learned in this section, biology and heritability aren’t always the only determining factors of psychological disorders. I believe that our environment plays a strong role in the development of our characteristics and cognition Biology plays a vital role in our everyday functioning, but there’s more to human life than just the brain and biology. While medication and trying to fix the abnormal biology in a person with a psychiatric disorder makes sense, there are other ways such as behavioral and cognitive therapy that can be good options as well. Some types of therapy have been proven more helpful than medications. I feel as though we are quick to solve the biological problem in the health care system through medication and procedures, but some health problems can be fixed without pharmacological interventions or invasive procedures. I myself have found that talking about my feelings and depression and discussing ways to improve my wellbeing to be much more beneficial to me than
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