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Over the last three decades, there has been a major change in the way that writing is taught and assessed in schools. This shift has mainly been motivated by insights derived from grassroots teacher movements and research. Today, there are numerous trends in writing research, writing instruction and writing assessment as a learning activity.
Early trends in writing were characterized by conflicting views about the impacts of writing on learning. Students were mainly instructed on how to write essays by using forms of exposition, narration, description or arguments. Teachers mainly dealt with contemporary textbooks and taught and assessed students on the ideal written products. The main assessment tool was the final product that the student
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One important lesson learned from using the writing observation framework is that it enhances an understanding of the learning process. As stated, earlier models of teaching writing emphasized on assessing the product. Teachers could easily analyze the understanding of students using the essays they wrote. However, the advent of the new model had no clear method of how student understanding can be checked. The Writing Observation Framework solves this problem by providing a simplified and standard tool that guides how teachers can instruct and observe writing in students.
The writing observation framework places more emphasis on teaching students how to write to learn. Its models emphasizes on the process that enable students to learn new ideas and concepts while enhancing their writing skills. In the past, students were mainly taught how to write as the major focus. During assessment, test scores were used to analyze whether students have understood how to write. However, apart from analyzing only the writing style, the writing observational framework emphasizes on additional elements such as background of the topic under study and relevance of the content provided is also
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