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This semester taking English dual credit I believe that not only my writing skills have improved but my reading skills as well. Through this course I have learned how to find the deeper meanings of other author's writings. I learned that part of understanding and comprehending comes from being able to analyze. By learning how to analyze my skills as a writer have improved because I am able to use some of the other writers skills and techniques on my own paper. Overall this course has helped me tremendously. When comparing the other dual credit course I took last year to this course I would have to say that the difficulty of both courses is similar even though the courses are very different. One reason that made the other dual credit course I took which was U.S. History seem more …show more content…

This year with the assignments being due on mainly Sundays it has helped substantially, I am now able to submit the work because my Sundays are not as busy. A reason for this class being harder is because this course was a more time demanding, but I think it may be all English classes. The reason for it being more time consuming is because in my other classes it was mostly just answering multiple choice questions while this course is more breaking down components which takes a lot more thinking which take sup more time. One big advantage of this course for me was that there were no test. I am not a very good test taker because I think too much and sometimes get anxiety. This has affected me in other classes because my bad testing skills results in bad grade on test which leads to the outcome of my grades falling. With there not being any test, the stress that I would get is not there anymore. I am able to write freely and not have anxiety and stress myself out. Another aspect of this course I believe was helpful was the peer

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