Duncan Mccue Ethical Analysis

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“What are ethics? what if I told you that ethics were defined by our culture and not universal,” says Duncan McCue, a CBC Reporter and Cross Country Check Up host.

Last Wednesday night, The Media Ethics and Law class was the audience of two presentations, both pertaining to reporting Indigenous stories. Duncan McCue presented his views of indigenous reporting by first proposing the idea of ethics being non-universal and more cultural. An “ethical dilemma,” is a dilemma defined by a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two courses of action that are both right. He mentions a fact presented by The Globe and Mail, “roughly 75 per cent of kids in foster care are being sexually abused.”

“So what happens if you meet an elder named Alex, he’s a sexual abuse
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I would stay, but I do know that it would be again disrespecting my journalist code of conduct. According to McCue, “Gifts or benefits that influence or appear to influence a decision must be refused.” This would be a true ethical dilemma because there is no way to tell Alex’s intention if he wants to invite you over to dinner to change your non-bias or out of respect and good gesture. In the Indigenous community, whenever someone comes into your home, you share with him or her. Reciprocity is a strong value; it is disrespectful to deny food.

I chose both of these ethical dilemmas because I find they would relate to me more. Both ethical dilemmas would be situations I feel that relate close to my cultural traditions and personally my values. In addition, they relate to my in class learning experience about culture and values having to be neutral when you are working as a journalist to avoid ethical issues and breaking code of
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