During A Placement In The Local Area There Was Many Challenges

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During a placement in the local area there was many challenges one of which is very common. This being family members misunderstanding that the patient must be priority. After a patient, had undergone surgery unfortunately after there was complications. With danger to the patients’ health a family was asked to leave the room for doctors and nurse practitioners begin processes on the patient. At this point the visitors seemed very worried and began to shout abuse to the nurses and become very aggressive. As a student nurse, it is key that in these situations that you handle them correctly with the right language choices and have clarity when talking. Explain to the family that the doctors needed space was difficult due to them being very …show more content…

Understanding that the small changes you can make can improve the communication between the nurse and the patient who has the disability. (G.M.C. 2011)

One key skill which is essential to nurses is being able resolve a way to communicate though barriers. Language barriers is something which be very challenging to overcome. For this barrier to be overcome it is common that a translator or an interpreter is brought into the setting. This requires specific training and allows the conversation to happen much more smoothly. Interpreters however can be a negative factor in communication, this is due to the nursing becoming reliant on the interpreter and not the patient themselves. For this not to occur it is essential that the nurse talking is speaking to both the interpreter and the patient. This could be making sure that eye contact is given to both. Unfortunately, interpreters aren’t always available meaning that the communication faces a barrier. This can make the patient feel angry and upset leaving them to feel unsatisfied with the care they are receiving. During a short placement in the North West there was a situation where a man could only speak Mandarin and no interpreter was available. The man was due to be discharged yet a discharge chat was needed to be made. The man himself began to get annoyed and aggressive as he wanted to

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