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Soccer practice was exhausting and quite honestly, completely miserable. I hated the stupid game and never should have signed up, but now I was stuck on the team for the summer practicing. The worst part was the walk home. I didn’t live far but by the time it was over I was tired and sweaty and I just wanted to take a shower, so when one day my brother’s best friend offered me a ride home of course I said yes. I had known Dustin almost my whole life; he had always been nice to me. My brother Landon hung out with him almost every weekend and it helped that Dustin lived just down the street from us. Even though I lived less than five minutes away, I closed my eyes once I was in the car. I instantly fell into a deep sleep, and I probably …show more content…

I tried to get away but he lifted my out of the car and threw me over his back. No matter how much I squirmed and struggled, I knew he wouldn’t let go. I pushed against his chest as hard as I could with my tied hands but Dustin just smiled and laughed. I knew he didn’t want to hurt me, I could tell he honestly thought this was all a game but I was terrified. Dustin carried me all the way up the steps and into his bedroom, I couldn’t feel my hands anymore. I could only feel the edge of the rope piercing into my wrists. I was shaking as he set me down onto his bed. The room was a total mess. After glancing around the room, I looked up and met eyes with Dustin. His eyes were almost innocent, as if he didn’t understand what was going on. They were light green and wide like a child’s. “Why are we here?” I asked as he sat on the bed beside me. “What are you going to do?” “Let’s watch a movie.” He suggested and moved even closer. I cringed and tried to scoot away, but he wrapped his arm around his shoulder and crushed me against his body. “Dustin I don’t want to watch a movie, I want to go home.” I mumbled. He only pulled me closer, if that was even possible, and kept insisting. “Any movie you want, funny, scary, doesn’t matter. You pick.” “Dustin no.” As I spoke he reached out and ran his fingers down the side of my face. I shuddered. The way he looked at me was too much, I felt so

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