Dying To Be Thin Analysis

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Dying to be thin was a document that I could relate to, minus the dying part. It stirred emotions. I am overweight. To loose weight is easier said than done. Never in my life would I have thought that I would be battling the bulge. For most of my life, I was thin. I could eat as much as I wanted, and never gained weight. During and after my successful battle with breast cancer, I gained weight. It has been an all up heal battle to lose it. I hate shopping in larger size clothing. I have tried to recondition myself to eat healthy and less. I thought about starving myself. I have tried dieting and exercising, counting carbs as well as limiting fats. I am desperate to loose weight. I get depress often. I am my only true motivator. I’ve tried…show more content…
Sometimes I feel as though I lack the control I need when I see food. It’s not all the time though. When I am stressed and under pressure about things in my life, I overeat. I feel guilty about over eating and eating sweets. After watching the documentary, I took a long look at myself. I believe I am border line for overeating. I am hopeful that it want consume me. I am thankful that being a certain weight and size doesn’t depend upon whether or not I’ll have a job or even get a certain job, That requires a lot of self discipline. Eating and Living healthy is something society should be taught. Life leave it to society to figure it. The attitude and approach toward living a healthy lifestyle is rapidly becoming a way of life. Society is catering to the need and desire to eat and be healthy. The crazy thing about the healthy craze is, trying to figure out what will work best for you. The ladies learned in the video the importance of eating a balanced meal and eating well. We are our brother’s keeper. There is no simple nor easy fix to the sickness. There must be a team of medical professionals to combat the problem for successful recovery. Hopefully society will recognize the demand and pressures to be thin and how some people are gravely ill and
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