Forks over Knives Essay examples

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The documentary Forks Over Knives is one of the most interesting yet informational films I have seen regarding health and society today and I was intrigued since the second I turned it on. It made it so much easier to understand and conceptualize because the film followed patients and documented their success stories; you were forced to believe in its truth. I found it to be inspirational and motivational. What I enjoyed most about the film was that the information that they provided was easy to understand and something that I actually never heard of before. You are not taught much about this specific type of diet. I was very overweight when I was a child and still am not in optimal shape to date. Watching this film provided me with…show more content…
This woman reached out to a doctor who specializes in this and trusted him completely with her life. She remained a runner and changed her diet routine and eventually cured herself of her cancer. Later on, she won a gold medal for completing an iron man marathon; how much more inspiring can a person be? After watching this film I genuinely want to change my habits and become the best version of myself. As I stated previously, I have had issues with weight since a very young age. I have a disease called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which is a hormonal deficient illness. As a result of this disease, I am insulin resistant, gain weight extremely easily and have a very high risk of infertility. I have tried every single diet that I have heard in my life time and I never see results. After watching this film I am excited to begin to change my life and begin eating whole foods and cut out meats and dairy. I cannot wait to see the health benefits that will ensue. I found it to be quite moving when the woman with diabetes revealed how she was in Wal-Mart wanting to buy the meatball sub. Right before she ordered the sandwich, Mrs. Esselstyn called; it was almost as if she knew this was happening. This gave me chills because I can really relate to this situation. There are so many times when I struggle with choices and feel as though I am all alone. It is during those moments of weakness that I could really use someone’s support to help me make the right decision.
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