Dylan's Narrow: A Fictional Narrative

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Dylan used to love Halloween. It was the only time of the year you could dress up as a scary monster and demand candy from your neighbors. What kid wouldn't love that! It eventually wore off on him, though. By the time he was eleven, playing dress up and going for candy just seemed too childish. After all, his parents bought a big bag every year, he could just eat that. These days, he only went out with his little brother. As his Matthias went to every house, he stood at the curb, arms crossed, looking like he'd rather be somewhere else. Truthfully, he would. However, with his parents working, he didn't have a choice but to bring Matt around the neighborhood. He honestly didn't mind anymore, though. There was a bit of an age gap between them …show more content…

“Dylan,” his brother sobbed. “That kid stole my candy.” “Mrs. Jacobson, can you please watch Matthias? There's something I need to do. It won't take long.” When the older woman nodded, Dylan took off running in the direction of Jason. Stealing candy from a little kid was a despicable act. This kid wasn't going to get away with it. Confronting him wasn't an option, though. He didn't want to get into a fight. He wanted this to be quick and easy. As he turned a corner, he ran into a group of his friends. “I need your guys' help,” he said. “Somebody stole my brother's candy.” After a brief discussion, they were onboard with the plan. Dylan stayed behind as his friends ran over to Jason, screaming about a guy with a knife. They did a great job, acting like they were being chased by a crazed lunatic. He gave them a few more minutes before raising the knife and running over to them, brandishing it. Jason screamed and ran off, the candy forgotten. After returning his friend's costume back to him, Dylan returned to his brother, who was sitting on their neighbor's porch, looking really sad. “Here you go,

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