E Commerce : A Type Of Business

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E-COMMERCE INTRODUCTION: Electronic Commerce, usually addressed as E-commerce can be described as a type of business used for commercial transactions which involves transfer of information across the internet. It helps people in electronically exchanging goods and services with ease as there is no time or distance barrier. Types of E-commerce: (i) Business to Business (B2B): Firms directly deal with each other, (i.e.,) manufactures sell their goods to Distributers. Here, the pricing will vary as it depends on the quantity of the order is it is usually negotiable. (ii) Business to Consumer (B2C): This is the most commonly used type of E-commerce by people. Online shopping websites come under this category where customers go through the products available on the website, make a transaction and get their product shipped. (iii) Business to Government (B2G): This is between the Business and Government. For example, firms could develop applications that can be used exclusively by government agencies. (iv) Consumer to Consumer (C2C): Customers directly deal with fellow customers. Best example would be, people putting up used products online for others to by, it is usually negotiable. (v) Consumer to Business (C2B): This deals with consumers giving ideas and Business being able to implement those ideas. (vi) Mobile commerce (m-commerce): It has been termed as, ‘a retail outlet in the customers pocket’, meaning, a lot of transactions such as shopping coupons, money transfers,
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