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E-Sonic Compensation Paper Todd Lipscomb, Belma Alic, and Teresa Halpin Davenport University Strategic Analysis Outline: 1. Strategic Analysis A. E-Sonic NAICS falls into two different codes 334614 and 512220. The first code 334614 definition is, “Providing mass duplication of recorded products; Software and other Prerecorded Compact Disc, Tape, and Record Reproducing” (). This code is given in reference to E-Sonic’s producing of music on to various forms of products. The second code 512220 is, “Releasing, Promoting, and Distributing sound recordings. Integrated Record Production/Distribution” (). B. Analysis of E-Sonic’s external market environment 1. Sonic records are a part of the recording and production…show more content…
3. While music is largely considered and listened to base on cultural preference. For example, many Americans enjoy country music, which may not be cared for somewhere like Japan. The benefit of having a business like E-Sonic is that through the use of internet we can appeal different music to different cultures around the world, making us worldly demanded for business. 4. With the major shifts on how music is being distributed in the current entertainment industry, E-Sonic’s long term outlook looks promising. We will be able to touch a customer base that we have not been able to before. The current long-term outlook will continue successfully as long as we continue to adapt with change. 5. The current labor market assessment looks good in the beginning stages of production. The information technology field has steadily been growing over the past decade. This along with the familiarity of the field has grown over the years as well. As being one of the leaders in this industry, our reputation will also serve as a great benefit of recruiting new employees for our expansion. C. Analysis of Internal Capabilities 1. As we begin to launch E-Sonic, one of our most crucial functional capabilities in success is Human Resources. We rely on human resources to find us the right people to perform the job at the level we expect. While human resources cannot predict the future, as
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