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EMA: Professional learning: reflecting and planning. Ethical statement I have been a qualified childcare worker since 1997 and thoroughly enjoy the work that I do, however I feel that it's only since October 2013 when I started my E100 The early years: Developing practice course that I have have truly developed as a practitioner. I have more knowledge and understanding about what I carry out with the children and the reasoning behind it. Throughout this EMA I plan to analyse the way in which I have developed as a practitioner during the past year. Currently, I work in an extended day care establishment in an urban area of Glasgow. There are around currently 120 children attending on a daily basis and around 85% attend on a full…show more content…
It is through the work of Bowlby and Daniel Stern in study topic 5 that I now understand how crucial it is for me to establish a safe and secure emotional attachment to the children and parents that I look after as this is vital for their emotional Wellbeing. We now operate a Key-worker system and I believe this allows me to form a close bond with the children and parents. I find that when the children in my key group are happy and secure with not only me but the environment around them that this then brings out a secure confident side of the children. I know this as my observations show me that they are more willing to explore and try out new experiences. The Pre-Birth to Three document that I work with highlights that responsive and caring adults are essential for babies and young children to develop and thrive. Practitioners must be aware of attunement which means having the skills needed to enable them to tune in to babies and young children. This determines needs by close observations of the sounds, movements, expressions and body language displayed. We already know that babies are born ready to make connections with the outside world and we must be ready to read these signs in order to develop the skills needed to interact with the wider community. This is something that I have at the forefront of my mind whenever I am working with the children. I am an avid believer that

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