Essay on EMINEM: How Much Damage Can You Do With a Pen

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EMINEM: How Much Damage Can You Do With a Pen

"Damn how much damage can you do with a pen", says rapper Eminem in his song titled, Who Knew. This song is on Eminem’s most recent and most controversial album, The Marshall Mathers LP. If it possible for one single quote to sum up my research paper, then this quote does it. There exists an intense and extremely controversial set of circumstances surrounding Eminem and his music. Eminem’s lyrics have been intensely criticized lately and have been categorized as hate-filled and inappropriate by many gay organizations. The leading organization in this controversy is the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, more commonly referred to as GLAAD. Their primary focus is to create
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He gives the example of an interaction between the managers and the employees of an organization, where a dispute over productivity is occurring. However frame of reference can be used in discussing the dispute between Eminem and GLAAD over hate lyrics. Just like the managers and the employees, Eminem and GLAAD’s actions are seen by themselves through this narrow focus that allows groups or individuals to see or perceive the same situation in completely different ways. Eminem’s focus is limited to creating lyrics that will sell him records, no matter how offensive they are. He claims that his lyrics are not hate-filled and thus are not offensive. This is typical frame of reference behavior. Of course to Eminem, the creator of these lyrics, they are not going to seem offensive. He is simply viewing the situation through his own eyes, and is forgetting to truly take in to account those who he is possibly offending. Just like Eminem is viewing the situation one way, GLAAD’s own frame of reference is making them form opinions that do not take into account why Eminem writes these lyrics. GLAAD needs to realize that Eminem is first and foremost a businessman, whose primary objective is to make money, by selling records. Whether or not the way in which Eminem goes about making his money is beside the point, while discussing frame of reference. Both Eminem

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