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To Encourage Healthy Eating, Higher Taxes should be imposed on Soft Drinks and Junk Food Huang Kunting(Alice) Ms. Costa ENG4U-S7 January 22, 2015 Introduction Paragraph “Once you start dipping it’s hard to stop” (“Chicken McNugget”) is how McDonald’s describe Chicken McNuggets. People never stop their enthusiasm for McDonald’s. However, those fast food are defined as junk foods which contain numerous calories and are rarely good for health. Moreover, not only junk food but also soft drinks can affect society negatively. The effect of an increasing number of obese people and youth on eating this unhealthy food has become a severe social problem at present. In order to motivate citizens to a healthy diet, the …show more content…

That 's bad news for public health. It 's also bad news for the organic-food market, since organics usually carry the highest price tag of all the healthy stuff out there” (Harrison, “The (still) high cost of organic food”). Commentary 1: high prices of organic food are an obstacle for the improvement of people’s health. instead of spending money on the food that threat to the human body, government manages the tax money to improve residents’ health levels. Point 2: the money from the unhealthy food tax also can be spent on aiding the people who are suffered from starvation or natural obesity. Proof 2: “Many people do not realize the extent of hunger’s reach in this country. Each month, close to 850,000 Canadians are assisted by food banks, and 36.4% of those helped are children and youth.” (“About hunger in Canada”) Commentary 2: there are still plenty of people suffer from starving. Compare with the consumption of those harmful foods, the money goes into hunger and the treatment of natural obesity will be more meaningful. Conclusion: as has been stated, to prevent the passive effect of harmful food on human body, the government should increase taxes on junk food and soft drinks. Junk food and soft drink which are contain lots of unhealthy elements can contribute diseases, so the government should regular the eating style of citizens by pushing up the tax on these food and drinks. In addition, higher taxes on junk food and soft

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