ER Diagrams and Databases

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Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, people have been trying to make their life easier using machines. This has led to huge technological breakthroughs that brought about computers, cars, airplanes etc. Nowadays computers are widely used to perform various tasks on users’ behalf. Another people’s passion since ancient times is to store and preserve information for the generations to come (libraries, archives). During the 1960’s people’s desire to store and retrieve information was combined with the opportunities that computers offered to create the first computerized database. This turned out to be a milestone in the way people manage information. It offered many advantages: Data can be organised easy; it takes up very little physical space; users can search the data for specific information; The Database can be shared between different users; it can be accessed remotely etc. Due to these advantages, the new modern way of collecting data gradually replaced paper Databases. It became a much more cost-effective way for organisations and companies to store their data. Currently, computer databases are being used everywhere: Facebook, online stores such as Amazon and eBay, airports, hospitals, government institutions etc. Even the libraries that are considered to be old-fashioned have stored their information electronically.
However, databases have to meet some challenges. Nowadays, the purpose of databases is to serve the demands of large scale companies. These

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