Medical Ethics Case Study Paper

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Running head: Medical Ethics Case Study on Medical Records Administrator 1

Medical Ethics Case Study on Medical Records Administrator
Melody Hambright
MO 215-8: Ethics and Health Information Management
Alana Stephens, Instructor
Herzing University
April 22, 2012

Running head: Medical Ethics Case Study on Medical Records Administrator 2


Medical Records Administrators and health information professionals’ roles are intimately related to the use of various information technologies that gather and store data and perform sophisticated analyses. The incorporation of new technologies to support the work of these a specialist, particularly the internet and
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Another contribution to the dilemma is how the online internet news represents the nursing home on the headline news as medical errors cause many thousands of deaths each year to shut down over a hundred thousand in nursing home alone.
According to Toe (2012), online news coverage causes a decrease of the number of dying patients for nursing home serve each year. With the lower number of dying patients are translating to the decrease of revenue for the hospital to affect the nursing home’s budget.
Compare to the previous year, the nursing home lost a lower percentage of the patient population. The nursing home has a small percentage of yearly fixed cost, which is required to run the nursing home business such as paying the bills to include paying the employees, utilities equipment maintenance and serving the people. (Harman, 2012, p.
Some of the information is showing nursing home needs to keep over seven thousand and over thirty-nine thousand days of patient days. Nursing home will need to reduce fixed cost at a small percentage. The fixed cost cannot reduced for a decrease in the patient admittance for service less income the hospital receives. The nursing home needs to decide on cutting the cost on the fixed cost just to break even to keep the nursing home
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