ESL Program Application Essay

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I am writing to apply for the position of ESL Program Director in the ESL Program at Marietta College. I hold a doctoral of philosophy in Foreign, Second, and Multilingual Language Education (within the TESOL program) with an interdisciplinary specialization in Educational Technology from the Ohio State University (OSU). Moreover, I have experience in teaching EFL and ESL learners English and in administration. I am confident that my academic and experiential exposure will enable me to contribute to your Language Institute in terms of enhancing ESL students’ academic English competence and knowledge of the Western academic culture, designing ESL curricular, and promoting teachers’ professional development. I received…show more content…
When teaching writing, I employed graphic organizers, drawings, and guiding questions to introduce components of essays and assist students in developing their writing. In addition, I designed courses to allow students to choose topics that they were interested in or relevant to their daily lives for writing assignments. Moreover, I gave mini-lessons on grammar especially when most students made similar grammatical mistakes. Furthermore, I employed Communicative Approach and selected daily topics (e.g., news, hobbies, travel, and favorite local and exotic food) to instruct students in English speaking. For listening, I utilized popular English songs, news videos, and excerpts from TV shows and audiobooks to enhance their listening competence. Since I incorporated various instructional materials and adopted different teaching approaches into my teaching, my students expressed that they enjoyed learning, and their academic performance showed great achievement. Those students who were afraid to speak English in the first class were willing to express their opinions and involved in class discussions in English after my instruction. In ESL settings, I taught and tutored diverse writers in academic writing at OSU’s Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing (CSTW). Writers whom I worked with included domestic and international
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