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Attn. Selection Committee. My name is Flavia Maria Tello Granados, I am applying for the Specialization in teaching and learning English as a Foreign Language. I have been an English teacher the past six years. I entered the teaching profession nearly by accident; I never thought that what I originally saw as another mean of living in the end would result as such a rewarding experience and an integral part of who I am as a person today. In 2003, I began a certification as a Bilingual Teacher in the state of Texas, USA. Unfortunately, I could not conclude my certification due to citizenship issues. However, from 2006 to 2011, I became a volunteer teacher in a variety of elementary schools in Brownsville, Texas. This experience allowed me to gain a lot of experience in the teaching field. Most importantly, it allowed me to expand my vocabulary, grammar, and speaking skills in the English language. In 2011, I received an opportunity that completely changed my perspective about learning and teaching English. I had the opportunity to become a high school teacher. I absolutely enjoy my job as a high school teacher. Instructing English helps me develop different skills on students. Not only this, but I also received the opportunity to take teacher training sessions abroad. In Bournemouth, England, I was…show more content…
This program will allow me develop my teaching skills in two different levels, middle school and high school. I have chosen to apply to this program in order to pursue this certification to be able to achieve one of my goals. This goal is to learn and include more teaching techniques integrating the latest technology in my classroom. Not only this, but I feel that all types of knowledge experiences are helpful towards my profession. This certification program would definitely allow me to gain a bountiful amount of knowledge that I am going to be able to spread to the young leaders of our
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