ETU Personal Statement

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Ever since I was sixteen years old, something about spending time with children drew me to dreaming about a career in the teaching profession in future. Primary teaching, in particular, became a significant interest after spending time working with a local Brownie Pack, which I have always done since I was fifteen years old. In this period, I also trained to become and subsequently developed into a leader. This effectively led me to the realization that I enjoyed working with children as well as teenagers. My time and experience in school only confirmed that teaching is the most viable career choice for me. My subsequent undergraduate in Biology at ETSU only served to further increase my enthusiasm for the teaching profession in addition to preparing me effectively for the immense responsibility of handling a …show more content…

As such, the conventional mode of the twenty-first century has experienced great impacts with regard to its concepts and strategies. As such for any teacher who intends to eventually excel at this noble profession, expanding their knowledge in both the practical and theoretical frameworks of the profession is imperative. It is for this reason that I would like to pursue my Masters in teaching. The reason I chose ETSU as my university of choice is that it is one of the most exceptional institutions of higher learning in the country. Steeped in a time-honored history, the University has set itself apart with its culture of innovation, vibrant intellectual atmosphere, and an all-inclusive curriculum. I intend to enroll in a teaching program for middle grades school, and I am convinced that at ETSU I will be able to achieve my goal of becoming the best teacher I can be. I am convinced that given a chance to enroll in the Master’s program, I will do my utmost best to carry on the institution’s tradition of academic

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