Eagle Scout Project Analysis

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Over a century ago, Woodrow Wilson implored higher education to seek to answer the questions and challenges of our community and nation by sharing ownership of the issues that define the well-being of our society. More recently, President Barack Obama stated: “Our task, working together, is to constantly widen the circle of our concern”. Service to others has been an integral part of my life that I anticipate continuing through adulthood. A service project that I completed over the summer taught me about the resiliency of the human spirit and the importance of widening my circle.
I was researching ideas for my Eagle Scout project and wanted to make a meaningful impact on the youth in my community. The Somerset Home for Temporarily Displaced
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As the meeting was commencing, I heard someone call my name. I turned around and recognized a girl from my school. We are in different programs and met in the cafeteria. We had eaten lunch together on several occasions. She asked me excitedly if I was moving in. I was a bit shocked and stammered, "No, just working on a project". I left the building feeling uneasy that I had invaded her privacy and guilty that I was going back to a nice house with my parents. A mixture of sympathy and embarrassment washed over me. I had no idea my new friend was homeless. I thought back to a conversation that we had before spring break. I asked her where she would go if she could travel anywhere in the world. I had a list of places that I would love to see. She told me that she just wanted to be in a home in New Jersey. Her response seemed odd at the time, but it now made sense. We never spoke about our serendipitous meeting. I used to think that people who were homeless must be downtrodden with little hope. I admire my brave friend's smile, positive attitude towards life, and ambition to become a graphic artist.
My work with the Somerset Home has increased my understanding of the circumstances surrounding teenage homelessness. With caring and support, they can succeed both in school and in life. I read in their recent newsletter
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