Ear Abuse

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Is Ear piercing a Child’s Ear a Form of Child Abuse? Imagine a baby’s ear is pierced.Awww! That’s cute!Then, it turns black,blue and bloody and falls off!If this were to happen who would be at fault?The parents would because,it is their fault for piercing the infants ear at such an early age.It is like physically beating them. Some people have much to say about this problem.Many people have reached out on this issue to voice their opinions. “It is severe pain inflicted upon infants unnecessarily;it serves no purpose other than to satisfy the parents vanity.”(Tami,2015).She is right there is no reason why parents should pierce ears just because of excessive pride. Women around the world think that it is heartbreaking and it is just infant…show more content…
A month ago, her little girl went to the tattoo parlor and piercing company. “She had her ears pierced and her ears were infected within two days and were swollen and must be cut off.”(Laroe,2012)Also, this problem is being viewed by amy christian people and they think that it is a sin to get your ears pierced.people that walk around here tattooed and pierced from head to toe and pierced from top to bottom;have serious problem. “You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves: i am the lord.(leviticus,19:28)These people want to express themselves through the lord and say something about piercing.Tattoo were used extensively by the other nations for pagan worship, decoration, and to mark a slave. Based on Leviticus 19:28, tattoos are still forbidden among Jews today (by both Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed Judaism). There is even one rabbinic text prohibiting the burial of bodies with tattoos. (However this prohibition is very rarely enforced – although some traditional Jewish mortuaries and cemeteries will not officiate at a funeral of one who is tattooed.Although this is a problem, these days they bury you regardless if you have tattoo or not. In conclusion, the issue of child ear piercing is a form of child abuse.The people i have viewed have voiced their opinions and discussed the
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