Early Behavioral Problems In Dexter's Life

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At the beginning of his life Dexter has shown early behavioural problems. His father confronts Dexter at an early age, about a atrocity Dexter had committed. Dexter had slain a dog due to the dog barking and it having to annoying his mother. Afterward in his life, Dexter’s father discovers a pack of knifes and other weapons (one of whom has blood on it) which belong to Dexter. Dexter points out that he has used these weapons to kill animals and not humans in order to suppress his urge to slaughter. It is formally revealed that his bloodlust has been with him before he was even adopted and presumably Dexter was born with the bloodlust. Psychopaths, unlike a sociopath, are born psychopathy and not transformed into it thus Dexter may have been
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