Early Childhood Autism

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There are many disorders that can affect people, and one of the most confusing disorders is autism. It raises a lot of questions that till today no one could answer it. Autism is a mental condition that appears in early childhood, it emerges between two to three years old. It is characterized by having a difficulty in forming relationships and communicating with others. Scientist believes that autism is caused by a genetic disorder. However, new researches indicates that the environment also can play role. There are some factors for autism, they have a common behavior and the challenges that faces teachers in the classroom.

In the recent years the amount of autism has increased, for every 4 boys, 5 girls are affected. Researchers consider
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They even don’t show interest in doing things that other children do and they lack of eye contact. There are some common factors that autistic children may have such as flapping their hands, head banging and tapping their ears etc. Those are signs that shows how the autistic children are nervous because there sensory system is different than our sensory system. They are sensitive from the voices because they hear every voice in the same volume, they might even hear voices that we can’t hear. In addition, the way you interact with them also matters; the pressure of your hand while you are touching them is different from one another because some might not accept it.

Having an autistic child in the classroom is challenging because every one of them has a unique character. Autistic children are very rule oriented and they want everything to be the same. While making any changes might make them nervous. So, the best way to avoid problems is to tell them what they are expecting. As a teacher or a parent they must know what are the things that raises the negative behavior and try to stay away from it. In addition, there must be a safe place for those children, because when they get mad they need to be alone so, you know that the place that they are going to is
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