Early Childhood Development : A Social And Cultural Context ( Maggi 2010 ) Essay

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The life course approach analyzes the life of an individual within a social and cultural context (Maggi 2010). It is important to understand these structures as they aid in determining what makes wealthy societies healthier than others. Early child development determines future health outcomes through latent, pathway and cumulative effects. Factors such as family, education, socio-economic status and exposure to disease influence a child’s development. This paper represents a critical analysis of the implications of this approach associated with early childhood development. I will first give you my view on this social phenomenon following the social gradient and how it is manifested in this life stage. I will then discuss the implication that could help improve health in early childhood.

I have witnessed domestic violence among family members at a very young age. I remember the police being called to my house during the night to check up when my mom would call 911 in a scare. I remember my parents yelling at each other about finances, childcare, food supply, as they alternated holding me as a child as I cry. As I got older my feelings towards the situation changed where I wouldn’t sleep at night incase the violence would reoccur, I would go to school with a constant stomach ache which prevented me from eating or even feeling hungry. The one thing I found came easy, due to my personality, was to shut down and not show my emotions to anyone nor did I show the way my body

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