Early Childhood Education And Development

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During this class, we have discussed many topics from the importance of Early Childhood Education, through all of the developmental stages and into the roots of behavioral issues. I’d have to say out of all the topics, the importance of Early Childhood Education and how children develop and learn from week 2 is what has stuck out the most to me. I have even found myself explaining the importance to friends, with information I have learned from this course. For example, in a recent conversation I had with a friend of mine from Australia discussing global topics, I mentioned that I was interested in how important early childhood education and development is. I also went into detail about how your brain is constantly creating new neurons based on your experiences and that is what has made you who you are today. We continued the chat by discussing how unfortunate it is that children who aren’t privileged enough to get an early childhood education, such as pre kindergarten, aren’t as likely to have high success rates in life and could potentially suffer from disorders. These same children are also subject to low levels of education, knowledge, income, and have a higher risk of going to jail. I mentioned how critical it was for children to not only have academic education and development but also social, emotional and physical starting around the ages of two or three. He asked replied back by asking what kind of activities were best for development, in my opinion. In my answer
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