Early Childhood Trauma Essay

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The Occurrence and Lasting Impact of Early Childhood Attachment Trauma Occurrence of early childhood attachment trauma As mentioned during the literature review section, it appears that researchers acknowledge a diverse range of early traumatic events that have a longitudinal impact on a child’s development. This section will primarily focus on what characteristics each researcher uses to conceptualize early attachment. Here, researchers acknowledge how they define early childhood trauma and its significance in development. Note that for each research study discussed, the researchers imply the importance of attachment in their conceptualization of early trauma but don’t explicitly state it (Ansbro, 2008; Barnett, Ganiban, & Cicchetti, 1999; …show more content…

In the case a early childhood trauma, attachment may also play a significant role in conduct disorder related symptomology. Related to attachment style, Barnett, Ganiban, and Cicchetti (1999) found that insecure-disorganized/disoriented (Type D attachment) had a significant impact on children’s negative expressivity over time (p. 97). Specifically, researchers have found that “children with Type D attachment have been found to be more likely than children with other patterns of attachment to have caregivers with unresolved loss or trauma (Barnett, Ganiban, & Cicchetti, 1999; Copping et al., 2001). Taking this attachment perspective into consideration, it can be argued that disorganized attachment styles, stemming from their parent’s own loss or trauma has an effect on behavior. This also appears to trigger a biological response from the child. Specifically, researchers have found that acute traumatic experiences trigger a child’s “heart rate and salivary cortisol responses to the Strange Situation compared to infants with secure attachments” (Barnett, Ganiban, & Cicchetti, 1999). It can be theorized in this case that the biological response seen with these children is also an acute behavioral response that may have resulted from instances of traumatic events. Effectively, these children appear to have a stress response to the Strange Situation dilemma that stems from previous traumatic

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