Earth Like The Na Vis Do In Pandora

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2. How possible is it to live on Earth like the Na’Vis do in Pandora?

In my opinion, it is nearly impossible for our society to start living on Earth exactly like the way the Na’Vis do in Pandora. In general, a lot of people in our society tend to live a selfish, wasteful, technologically advanced life. In order for people to live on Earth like the Na’Vis do in Pandora, people would have to completely give up the hi-tech modern day life and switch to a life that is less advanced and more in tune with nature. This obviously is highly difficult and almost impossible for the majority of people living on Earth. People constantly need technological, medical advancements. Since history, thats what almost all humans follow and it probably will not …show more content…

The film depicts a future where gender role differentiation is almost nonexistent. Personally, I would describe the key roles that women play in the film to be quite significant and empowering. The women in the film are portrayed as independent, strong-willed and fully capable of harnessing their potential as individuals. The film highlights how women are also capable of being strong leaders in many different circumstances — not just men. Dr. grace Augustine was a female and was in charge of the entire Avatar program. Additionally, many of the tribal leaders in Avatar were women. Also, Neytiri was a Na’Vi woman that was very strong and skilled in combat. Her mother, Moat, had the highest rank in the Omaticayan tribe due to the fact that she was able to act as a bridge between the Na’Vi and Eywa. In our world, almost all the deities are males, but in Pandora, Ewya was considered a female and was the most powerful entity — a goddess. This relates to Aboriginal Spirituality as women also tend to have prominent, leader like roles. Women traditionally play a central role within the Aboriginal family, and in spiritual ceremonies. Moreover, women are viewed as spiritual leaders and caretakers of life. Also, a lot of the Aboriginal spirits are personified and considered to be of female …show more content…

When the war between the Na’Vi and the human military progressed, the Na’Vis were at first very afraid and worried. The human military had just wiped out so many of their species and created a deep scar on their planet. However, Jake prayed to Eywa and begged for some sort of assistance against stopping the human military from doing more damage. I was astonished at how Jake passed through the eye of Eywa and how she listened to Jake’s prayers. This became a gigantic help for Pandora. All of the animals of Pandora and all of the Na’Vis started to became one and together they fought against the human military to save their home. This scene truly was striking, magical and captivating as well as visually appealing. It showed how powerful and strong the connection between living things on Pandora were. Moreover, it reminds and ensures us that miracles can happen only if we believe. To sum up, my favourite scene is where the animals and Na’Vis stand together and protect whats rightfully theres. This scene was definitely a key turning point of the movie and I am sure it grabbed the attention of the

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