Eassy On Honesty

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Imagine you are throwing a surprise party for your best friend's birthday. You’ve worked extremely hard on this party, and don’t want it to fail. In order for this to happen you have to lie. Would you do it? In some of William Shakespeare’s plays his characters share their differing opinions on honesty. I believe that honesty is not always the best policy in every single situation such as this surprise party scenario. You have a choice to use honesty wisely, when you are truthful it only hurts you, being kind is really what matters, and lying can also help build people up.
Honesty is a decision you have to make with everything that comes up in your life.
“Will honesty hurt sometimes? You betcha! This is why you’ve got to exercise your ability to assess the situation you're in and make the best decision you can based on what’s happening around you.” (Huffpost: Is Honesty Really the Best Policy) It is your choice to choose whether or not to tell your friend the truth about their surprise party. You know it might ruin the party if you do, but you also know that your friend deserves this grand birthday party. Do you want your friend to receive instant gratification, or do you want your friend to have an amazing surprise party where she doesn’t know a thing? The decision is yours.
Being honest to hurt others only hurts yourself. “While we may feel temporarily relieved when we shoot off rounds of honesty, we pay a terrible price for this temporary satisfaction, as we harm our

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