Eassy On Honesty

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“Honesty is the best policy”, we have all heard this saying time and time again. From a very young age we have been told lying is frowned upon and yet it seems to be an innate skill rooted deep within us. While basic in nature, telling the truth seems to be an extremely difficult task for the majority of people. Being honest often goes against our natural instinct of self preservation. Those who are able to rise above the temptation of lying and resist the easy way out of uncomfortable situations truly understand what it means to be an honest person. Honesty is the single most important virtue that a person can have. It builds the foundation for healthy relationships, it is essential in building trust and having integrity, and tells a lot about someones character. The challenging aspect of honesty is it isn’t black white. Some might argue it is best to lie in order to protect someones feelings or to keep the peace. There is the age old question, “does this make me look fat?”. It has been ingrained into the minds of men everywhere that the answer is always no. It has come to be a common belief that it is better to protect someones feelings rather than give it to them straight. This is where society is sadly mistaken. Being an honest person is more than just telling the truth when it is beneficial, it is about always sticking to the truth no matter the repercussions. An honest person does not just tell the truth when asked, but willing presents the information without being

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