Eastern Hemisphere And Its Impact On The Development Of All Societies

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Between Two Regions The millennium from 1000 to 1500 C.E. changed significantly from the past eras that have been studied before. Sizable regions such as Africa and the Mediterranean Basin dominated the eastern side of our world. From incredible advancements in agricultural technology and extensive trade networks, to the complex social classes and religious values, the eastern hemisphere influenced the development of all societies. Agriculture was such a prominent part in every civilization since the beginning of time. It was a way for humans to be one with their land for it gave them means to survive. As agriculture became much more recognized in Africa, “cultivators and herders displaced many of the hunting, gathering and fishing peoples who previously inhabited Saharan Africa.” (Bentley,384) With the progression of new technology; iron axes, adzes, and hoes were created, and revolutionized agriculture on their land. The introduction of bananas from sea lanes became popular in Africa and increased the supply of food that was available. Likewise for Medieval Europe, cultivation on Europe grounds allowed more room for agricultural techniques, the utilization of developed tools and technologies, and the institution of new crops. Similar to Africa, population pressure rose and space for more agriculture became necessary. Beans were important to the diets of Europeans as were the bananas to African diets. They also dug ponds to raise fish which in turn led to new

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