Eastern Jin Dynasty Essay

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According to historical records, the ancient city began 1600 of years ago in Eastern Jin Dynasty. Ancestors believed, perhaps basing on the divination, identified here as a treasure place,took great care and kept it in good shape for thousand years.

It was encircled by an ancient city wall and a moat. The city wall was seven miles long in total, about thirty feet high with East, South, West and North four gates. A twenty feet wide, ten feet deep moat surround the wall with clear water, green water grasses, weeping willow and wildflowers lined on both sides bank. Very spring, when flowers blooming, a slight breeze rose, wafting the heavy scent of flowers pasted over. If heavy rain for days, the moat may flood around.

Each gate original had a wood drawbridge that can be pull up and put down, which were torn down in the anti-Japanness war in order to let people easer to escape from the town when Japan plane raid, bomb it. Listen to the elders speaking, in the Chinese year of Yihai (1935), there was a catastrophic flood, river banks were broken, outside of the city wall looked as ocean. City people …show more content…

Experienced nine dynasties, a total of 1606 of years, until 1943, the county government was moved to "Canoe Mouth" (Hauzizui in Chinese, i.e. today's Songzi City). Millennium ancient city, though after the wars, famines, suffering vicissitudes, but by the early 1950's, everywhere were stone sculptures, such as stone Gods, lions, horses, unicorns, Shek Kwu, turtle, drums ...... Except the City Wall was damaged seriously, it's gates were destroyed during the anti-Japanese war that needs to be refreshed, rest of the city, such as the four streets, twelve lanes, seventy two ancient wells, Pagoda, Drum Tower, White Bones Tower and many tombs, resident houses, mansions, official halls, Buddhist and Taoist temples mostly were

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