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Question 1.5 When deciding whether to create a custom motivation program or purchase one offered by a consulting firm, the manager must consider several different factors. First, the manager must consider the costs associated with both options. Is the cost of labor to create the program less than the cost of purchasing one by a consulting firm? Which option yields a better return on investment? Second, the manager needs to determine how quickly the program needs to be implemented. Purchasing a program from a consulting firm may be the quickest alternative. However, if the business can make do without the program for the time being, it may be best to create a custom program so that the business
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When everything is explained, there is no room for question or error. If one does not site any sources, the reader could completely question the validity of the research. Third, the research design must be thoroughly planned. With objectivity in mind, the research should be constructed in a way that will yield the most non-subjective results. If bias can be identified, the research loses viability. Fourth, high ethical standards must be applied. In dealing with life insurance, you’re dealing with people dying. If you are not ethical in the way you conduct your research, you can cause serious emotional distress. Fifth, look for honesty in the research. Are the limitations honestly revealed? If the research doesn’t acknowledge that an imperfect design is inevitable then it is shortsighted. Sixth, adequate analysis for a decision maker’s needs must be made. If our research for life insurance doesn’t tell us anything about the life-insurance preferences and needs of our target audience, then the decision maker doesn’t have enough information to go off of.
Seventh, the findings must be presented unambiguously. If the report is vague and spoken in generalizations, then once again, the report’s credibility can be questioned. Eighth, the conclusions must be justified. In a study of 600 people, one cannot apply the findings to a national level. Finally, is the researcher experienced? Credibility increases with the researcher’s

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