Eating Disorder Case Study: Chhaya

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Chhaya is a senior in high school whose self identity problems began as a child with her mixed ethnic background. She blames her parents’ constant fighting (and threats of divorce) on her own behavior and, in turn, strives to become the perfect daughter. Chhaya consequently throws herself into her schoolwork where she repeatedly increases her goals despite the lack of disapproval of others. Social relationships and leisure activities are thrown to the wayside because Chhaya feels guilt whenever she experiences pleasure in non goal-directed activities. Although Chhaya has seemingly tried to control many aspects of her life, this tendency turned into an eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, after two major life events: finding out she did not …show more content…
Interesting patterns were found using the Adolescent Role Assessment. For example, Chhaya scores positively in multiple areas of family socialization, school socialization, and occupational choice. However, she scored negatively in the following areas: most areas of childhood play, socialization family interactions, socialization school feedback, socialization peers activities, and adult work fantasy. She also fell in the middle for multiple aspects of each category except socialization family.
Based on the information gathered through this interview, it was revealed that although Chhaya upholds all of her responsibilities as a daughter the vast majority of her interactions with her family are negative. She often feels immense pressure to constantly do better, even though her parents do not verbalize high expectations. Similarly, in school Chhaya is a straight-A student who completes all of her work on time and never misses class. However, she is lacking a balance of school, social life, and leisure activities. She does not participate in any extra-curricular activities and does not visit with friends outside of school or academic affairs (such as science conventions). She doesn’t want to let any peers get too close to her because she worries that they will see her for her true self, which Chhaya views as imperfect. She then feels that she will lose control and the image of the perfect girl. For these reasons, she doesn’t allow herself to form close

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