Eating Disorders And The Modern Era

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Diagnosis Eating disorders are becoming more common in the Modern Era. Millions of people all across the U.S. are being diagnosed with an eating disorder. Each eating disorder that an individual can be diagnosed with has different characteristics. When questioning if someone has an eating disorder, the individual typically begins to eat differently than usual if even at all and cares more about their appearance and body weight. There are different stages to one’s illness that determines the severity that the illness has on an individual. The DSM-5 has found the “anorexia nervosa is a mental and physical disease that was recognized in France in the 19th century, usurped for England by Queen Victoria’s physician and subsequently …show more content…

With this comes the possibility of having low blood pressure as well as swelling in the arms and legs. Women could experience an absence in their menstruation. One’s fingers could have a bluish discoloration. Without a regular intake of food an individual isn’t getting the usual amount of energy produced, resulting in a great amount of fatigue. Insomnia is another symptom resulting from low energy levels. An individual who has a fear of gaining weight isn’t going to want to drink liquids, as much as they won’t eat food leading to hydration. The skin of an individual with Anorexia Nervosa Disorder may be dry and/or a yellowish color. The hair of an individual could become thin and break or fall out. An individual may experience some of these symptoms as well as have behavioral and emotional symptoms. This includes an individual who is serious about restricting what they eat and might exercise excessively. After binge eating food an individual usually “self induces vomiting to get rid of the food and may include use of laxatives, enemas, diet aids or herbal products.” (Mayo Clinic par 3) Emotionally, individuals are usually depressed because they see themselves as a “fat” person, regardless of how others view them. This symptom could make for an individual to be irritable or have a social withdrawal and a lack of emotion. Everyone handles their behavior differently in different environments. When eating dinner, an

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