Eating Disorders : A Common Phenomenon Among Men

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Eating disorders have been a common phenomenon among men, and it is no longer considered niche topic. According to Gerbasi et al. (2014), males who are suffering from this disorder have been faced with immense stigmatization in an attempt to overcome it, and they have been neglected in the treatment process. There are numerous stereotypes associated with eating disorders that have inhibited the evidence-based treatment among males and it has mitigated effectiveness in the management of problems that are gender specific. Clinicians who are often involved in treating males having eating disorders are likely to be challenged. There are limited resources addressing treatment of male’s eating disorders as most of the treatment paradigms have been directed to their female counterparts (Crisp and Burns, 2003). Although the trend is currently changing, there is need for more studies to be conducted that address issues that are gender-specific and ensure that the society have a clear knowledge on the issues facing the society.
There are various types of eating disorders, and the most notable include the bulimia nervosa and the anorexia nervosa. Based on the study conducted by Rosling iet al., (2011), 10% of the patients with these two eating disorders were male, and the study also revealed that most of them were struggling from the bulimia nervosa disorder. In the research conducted in 2007 by Berkman et al., it outlined that was increase in the number of male with the disorder s
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