Eating Habits Of The Bamber Family

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The Bamber household has extremely poor eating habits and although they have tried to procure healthier ingredients, consume more nutritious meals, or follow popular and relatively successful diets, it does not take much time for the unhealthier food to weed its way back into their eating habits. The Bamber household consists of six people: one father, one mother, and four children. The father, Jeremy Bamber, is the head of the household who keeps track of the family’s finances and makes most of the major purchases. The mother is the only other person able to make major financial purchases. The four children, three boys and one girl, have little to no say in any major financial and dietary purchases, save for the occasional night’s lunch and dinner. This topic is incredibly important because changing the eating habits of the Bamber family will significantly improve the health of everyone in it, especially the younger children. Overall, the Bamber family’s eating habits are extremely poor due to a plethora of different factors, however, the solutions for these factors will prove that they are not insurmountable and their eating habits can be changed. Arguably the largest factor for why the Bamber family eats the way they do would have to be their budget and their opinion on the cost of healthier food choices. When asked if money is a major factor for why the eating habits of the family is extremely poor, the head of the household answered, “Money is a huge factor for why

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